Golf Ball Dimples


Whatever: Yikes! I guess BogeysBGone may have a valid point. Jun 6, 2019 2:42:52 GMT -7
Whatever: This place is as dead as Kelsey's nuts. Jun 6, 2019 16:56:35 GMT -7
hax: ROFLMAO Jun 6, 2019 17:44:36 GMT -7
boomslang: I had to look that one up. LMA0! Jun 13, 2019 6:24:12 GMT -7
Whatever: Ten days later, I might have accidentally written this place's epitaph. RIP GEA. And happy Father's Day to the rest of the hard core. Jun 16, 2019 4:52:20 GMT -7 *
Galgolfer: Just because people aren't using the Shoutbox feature doesn't mean the forum is dead. Jun 16, 2019 7:16:19 GMT -7
Whatever: Hoping for the best, but while it may not be dead, it sure looks like it is at least on life support. Jun 16, 2019 9:48:13 GMT -7
Whatever: 8500 posts since this thing started in February. Half of those in Politics. Anser used to do that in a good week. Jun 16, 2019 11:13:01 GMT -7
Neal: The Masters and the US Open combined have only generated a handful of posts. That's pretty dead. Jun 16, 2019 12:25:01 GMT -7
Neal: I don't think anyone even mentioned the PGA Championship. Jun 16, 2019 12:26:49 GMT -7
Whatever: Koepka would be pissed off if he knew that. Jun 16, 2019 13:19:20 GMT -7
brian11772: There are plenty of people visiting the site. We just need the visitors to start posting. Jun 16, 2019 14:20:28 GMT -7
Whatever: I kinda like having this shoutbox as my personal blog. Jun 17, 2019 3:33:55 GMT -7
CharlieD6: I, too, think the new GEA site is pretty dead. Jun 17, 2019 9:18:15 GMT -7
CharlieD6: Is the Politics board available for viewing by Guests? Jun 17, 2019 9:39:07 GMT -7
jaime59: None of the folders are hidden Jun 18, 2019 6:16:51 GMT -7
CharlieD6: That's good! I'm hoping that some of the topics in the Politics folder might entice some of the Guests to join and participate in the discussions. The only problem is that lately we just haven't had any interesting discussions. Jun 18, 2019 9:42:25 GMT -7
jaw2000: I tend to think it has the opposite effect. I think new readers come here to talk golf, see all that and leave. A very good reason that it was hidden on the old site. Only about 5 or so of you even post in that folder - for the most part. Jun 18, 2019 11:37:48 GMT -7
CharlieD6: I don't see why the presence of the Politics folder would cause anyone to leave. If they don't want to participate in it, it's easy to avoid. Just don't click on it. Problem solved. There are several folders here that I never visit. Jun 18, 2019 19:43:06 GMT -7
anonymous: fwiw, politics folder killed my interest in GEA. Jun 19, 2019 11:20:56 GMT -7