SOLD - Titleist 718 AP2 Irons, 4-PW, TT AMT Tour White S300


boomslang: We're just hear to chat about Lutefisk and things other than politics. Oct 13, 2019 3:59:49 GMT -7
nrjyzr: Lutefisk. And haggis. And pickled herring. Oct 13, 2019 5:15:47 GMT -7
halnorth: And snow. Oct 13, 2019 10:54:00 GMT -7
nrjyzr: Trying fairly hard to not think about snow yet. We're lucky here that the ugly storm didn't come this far south or east. Still sucks for those hit, though Oct 13, 2019 11:53:12 GMT -7
hax: We had our first front come through. Dropped down to like it is back to 90 again. Oct 14, 2019 7:57:15 GMT -7
hax: I wish I could go play...beautiful fake fall day today. Oct 14, 2019 7:57:48 GMT -7
halnorth: Snow is melting here but power is still out for a number of residents. Oct 14, 2019 10:26:26 GMT -7
halnorth: Last Wednesday it was 66 F, by Friday we were at freezing with a record snowstorm for October. Thanks Colorado Low ;) Oct 14, 2019 10:28:07 GMT -7
hax: That sucks Hal Oct 14, 2019 13:06:59 GMT -7
boomslang: We saw snow two weeks ago. Thankfully it didn't my place. Saw cars with a couple of inches of snow on them at 10 am. Oct 18, 2019 5:44:21 GMT -7
nrjyzr: Have a friend who lives in Detroit Lakes MN, which is 60 miles east of Fargo. They also got hit by the storm, it sounds like their golf season is done. My friend is coming down to play here tomorrow, he can't stand having it end so soon. 210 miles one way Oct 18, 2019 7:43:33 GMT -7
nrjyzr: oops, sorry, it's less than 190 miles. yeah, that sounds so much better than 210 Oct 18, 2019 7:44:44 GMT -7
7 Rings for TB12: I am suffering here in South Texas as well. 81* and sunny with no wind. But my course is fully loaded with some best ball tournament....errrrr. Oct 18, 2019 9:11:34 GMT -7
hax: I hit some balls for the first time today since surgery a month or so ago. Oct 18, 2019 12:24:23 GMT -7
hax: 89* today...and beautiful. I want to go fishing so bad, but I think my wife would kill me Oct 18, 2019 12:24:41 GMT -7
hax: FYI...almost 40 pounds shoulder turn is a LOT longer and after about a half a bucket of looking like a monkey fucking a coconut...I started getting good contact. Oct 18, 2019 12:25:21 GMT -7
stonedead: Flipping around the channels the other day. Shot of somebody putting taken from rear. Thought it was Laura Davies. It was John Daly. Oct 20, 2019 8:54:37 GMT -7
halnorth: Hax, I can never look at a coconut the same way again. Oct 20, 2019 9:19:50 GMT -7
hax: LOL Oct 20, 2019 14:51:39 GMT -7
hax: at both comments Oct 20, 2019 14:51:50 GMT -7